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Innovation and Groundbreaking

Our factory’ s innovating potential in the industrial area includes the development and research of new technologies and practical and efficient solutions. As such, Our factory was the first to develop VHP sugar (Very High Polarization) and set a new global standard for this product’s exports. It was also one of the first companies to product organic and liquid sugars in Brazil.

VHP Sugar Crystal

Developed in 1993, VHP sugar targets the export market. It is a raw sugar that enables clients to turn it into different kinds of sugar for consumption.

Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is a result of a natural clarification process for sugarcane juice. It has regular crystals and is especially used in food processes that require a characteristic flavor, color and texture.

Organic Cristal Sugar

Organic crystal sugar does not have any chemicals added to it, from planting to packaging. This sugar is not refined and is used in natural food or as sweetener.

Liquid Sugar

Our factory is a pioneer in Brazil in the manufacture of sucrose syrup and inverted sugar syrup, using a high-technology process.

Refined invertid sugar syrup

Refined Inverted sugar syrup is clear, scent and flavor-free, as a result of controlled acid hydrolysis in the sucrose solution process, producing a mixture of sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Refined sucrose syrup

Refined sucrose syrup is a clear, clean product free from smell and flavor, with a 65% to 68% concentration of solids. It is a result of crystal sugar refinement in chlorine-free water which creates a special product for processes that require extremely high purity.

Crystal Sugar – Types 1, 2 and 3

Crystal sugar is the result of the controlled crystallization process, based on treated sugarcane juice. It has fine, regular crystals, with a high glow and is especially used in food processing.

Amorphous Refined Sugar

Amorphous refined sugar is the result of the sugar refining process. It a very fine and irregular granulometry, with low coloration and being extremely hygroscopic, especially used in processes that require fast dissolving.

Granulated Refined Sugar

Granulated refined sugar is the result of dissolved crystal sugar, which undergoes a controlled crystallization process, resulting in sugar with homogenous granulometry, with low coloration, especially used in processes that require high purity.

Icing Sugar

Icing Sugar is acquired together with the production of amorphous refined sugar and is a very fine powder, with low coloration and being extremely hygroscopic (which is why it is added as a drying agent - starch), especially for cake, sweet and general candy icing


With differentiated logistics, Our factory connects road, railroad and waterway terminals to distribute products in the domestic market, while sugar and ethanol production for the external market is transported through two port terminals it owns, one being dedicated to sugar, and the other to ethanol.

Our company provides its clients with a flexible, reliable and efficient multimodal logistic system for the exportation of sugar and other Brazilian solid bulk products. The company transports loads from producing centers to its port facilities in the Port of Santos.

Our Logistic provides intermodal transportation services, storage and product shipment.

Its facilities in the port in Santos, resulting from a merger of our company with Teaçu in 2008, have an annual shipment capacity of 10 million tons of sugar and solid bulk products and a static storage capacity of 380,000 tons of sugar in bulk and 55,000 tons of sugar in bags.

With this capacity, terminal is the world’s largest port facility specialized in sugar shipment.

Description of Activities

The high level of automation at its port and intermediate terminals (transshipment) is essential for the company to offer online cargo tracking services, including the innovative Internet unloading scheduling system. Through these systems, it is possible to follow the cargo from the production unit to the ship, accurately providing the cargo’s location and travel time. In addition, Logística’s terminals at the Port of Santos are equipped with an access control and monitoring system that complies with the ISPS Code security standards.

The services provided by Rumo Logística geared towards sugar and agricultural commodities logistics are:

  • Multimodal transport, including transshipment of products through intermediate warehouses with road-railway reception;
  • Storage of bulk and/or sacked agricultural products at the Port of Santos;
  • Loading and unloading of agricultural products.

These services are supported by strong processes and infrastructure, which include:

  • Management software that monitors operations, providing online management information that benefits and speeds up our and our clients’ decision-making processes;
  • A tracking system available from the moment the cargo leaves the production unit until it is loaded on the ship, including monitoring of the Port of Santos’ line-up;
  • A cargo reception and storage system with identification;
  • Cargo monitoring within the terminal, including physical and chemical analysis (humidity, ashes, color and polarization) of bulk products, automated vehicle weighing, visual inspection of sacks and separation of cargo with product identity preservation from reception to loading.

We also offer consulting services and logistical planning, teaming our experience with specialized services and logistical plans that are efficient and suitable for our clients.

Other projects under development:

  • Transshipment terminals: Transshipment terminal in the Jaú region, in São Paulo State (Ayrosa Galvão) with a daily loading capacity of 99 rail cars, and implementation of a terminal in Itirapina, São Paulo State.

  • Railroad: Project to implement a railroad with the capacity to transport a million tonnes per month of bulk agricultural products with a maximum cycle of two days between product loading and delivery at the port terminals in Santos.

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